Consumer Protection

About the Law: Consumers are an important part of the business growth and the economy as a whole. Consumer protection laws focus on regulating the quality of products and services and protecting consumer interests to help them make informed decisions. In view of the rapid changes in industry and commerce around the world, the (Indian) Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was amended with a new broader law that came into effect in 2020 and new rules and regulations.

In India, consumer rights protection is governed primarily by the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (Consumer Protection Act), and the laws and regulations enacted under it.

Some of the laws and regulations enacted under the Consumer Protection Act include the Consumer Protection Act (E-Commerce), 2020, Consumer Protection Rules (Mediation), 2020, Consumer Protection Laws (Consumer Dispute Resolution Commissions), 2020 and Consumer Protection (General) Acts, 2020. Apart from the Consumer Protection Act, there are various other laws and regulations enacted regarding the protection of consumer interests that cover specific issues such as food, drugs and cosmetics.

Our Services:

Settlement Of Disputes By Way Of Mediation In Case There Is A Possibility Of Settlement At The Stage Of Admission Of Complaint Or At Any Later Stage, If Acceptable To Both Parties.
Advise on False or Misleading Advertisements.
Appearance Before The Relevant Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums. Preparation And Review of Consumer Agreements Including Advice on Unfair Contracts & Unfair Trade Practices.
Dispute Analysis And Opinion on Likely Outcome.
Legal Advice on All Consumer Protection Issues Including Product Liability Issues.
Defense And Lawsuits Over Consumer Damages Disputes And Warranty Claims.
Complete Litigation Related Documentation Support.

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