White Collar Crime & Fraud Investigations

About the Law: These crimes are non-violent crimes committed by business people through deceptive activities who are able to access large amounts of money for the purpose of financial gain. White Collar Crimes are committed by people who are involved in otherwise lawful businesses and cover a wide range of activities. The perpetrators hold respectable positions in the society unless their crime is discovered. These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and include misrepresentation of a corporation’s finances in order to deceive regulators and others. The laws relating to white-collar crimes depend upon the exact nature of the crime committed.

Our Services:

Corporate Finance.
Examining And Establishing Compliance Policies.
Conducting Training And Awareness Programs.
Liaising With Internal And External Agencies To Provide End To End Management Of Breach Of Security And Fraud Incidents.
Liaising With Internal And External Agencies To Strategically Mitigate Damage To Reputation And Unwarranted Publicity.
Litigation Support In Proceedings.
Collecting, Preserving, Certifying And Analyzing Evidence To Help Uncover Facts And Identify Persons Involved.
Assisting Indian Companies To Customize Their Anti-Corruption And Bribery Policy To Suit Indian And International Law.
Detection, Incident Management And Risk Mitigation.
Structuring An Organization’s Response To An Incident.
Representing Internal Investigations And Criminal And Enforcement Matters Initiated By The Government.

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