Civil Laws

About the Law: Civil law is a body of rules that defines and protects the private rights of citizens, offers legal remedies that may be sought in a dispute, and covers areas of law such as contracts, family law, torts, and property law. Civil law systems are governed by doctrines compiled by legal scholars having its roots in ancient Rome. Legislators and administrators in civil law countries use these doctrines to fashion a code by which all legal controversies are decided.

Our Services:
Instituting And Defending Civil Suits, Suit For Rent & Eviction And Other Remedies.
Advisory And Consultancy Services On Various Civil Laws Related To Family Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law And Property Laws.
Appearances Before Administrative Tribunals, High Courts And The Supreme Court of India
Documentation Regarding Sale Deed, Settlement Deed, Compromise Deed, Family Dispute Settlement, Partition Deed, Will, Rent Deed.
Matters Related To Breach of Contract, Negligence Resulting In Injury or Death, And Property Damage.
Appearance Before NCLT, DRT and Appellate Authorities, including Supreme Court of India.

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