Corporate And Commercial

About the Law: Corporate law is a legal field that governs the formation of companies, shareholder rights, mergers, and acquisitions. Business law or commercial law deals with the sale and distribution of goods. Businesses need people with profound knowledge of both of these laws. The corporate and commercial law gives the structure inside which business is led. It incorporates laws identifying with organizations and securities, contracts, money related to administration control, etc.

Our Services:
General Corporate And Transactional Advisory For Takeovers, Mergers, Demergers, And Amalgamations, Acquisitions, Divestments, Joint Ventures.
Due Diligence, Negotiating And Drafting Transactional Documentation.
Inbound And Outbound Investments, Strategic Alliances, Collaborations And Corporate Restructurings.
Share Subscription Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Share Transfer Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Escrow Agreements.
Group Reorganization And Share Capital Reconstruction.
Diverse Corporate Governance And Compliance Issues Including Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption Investigations.

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