Dispute Resolution

About the Law: Dispute resolution is the process where the disputes are resolved between the parties out of court. It is one of the most established forms of law. It has become a tool to resolve disputes between the disagreeing parties in and/or out of the Courts. Dispute resolution strategies include fostering a rapport, considering interests and values separately, appealing to overarching values, and indirect confrontation. There are many types of dispute resolution processes, but arbitration, mediation, and negotiation are the three most common types.

Our Services:

Formulating Litigation Strategies, Creating Compliance Programs And Conducting Risk Assessments.
Conduct of Hearings And Settlement Negotiations.
Civil Frauds, Debt Recovery And White-Collar Crimes.
Alternate Dispute Resolution Including Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, Litigation, Statutory And Regulatory Proceedings.
Appearances Before The Supreme Court, High Courts And Several Other Courts And Tribunals.

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