E-Commerce, IT and Outsourcing

About the Law: E-Commerce presents extraordinary opportunities for doing businesses and reaching global markets. However, the exponential growth of the Internet and online activities raise numerous regulatory and legal concerns related to intellectual property protection, contractual rights and obligations, privacy, data security breaches, jurisdictional issues and competition.

The different laws that govern E-Commerce, IT and Outsourcing in India are Indian Contract Act 1872, Specific Relief Act 1963, Foreign Exchange Regulations, Foreign Trade (Development Regulation) Act 1992, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) policies and guidelines, Information Technology Act 2000, Companies Act 2013, Intellectual Property Laws, Labour laws, Transfer of Property Act 1882, Competition Act 2000, Income Tax Act 196, Indian Evidence Act 1872, The Code of Civil Procedure 1908.

Our Services:

Issues Arising Out of Information Technology Act And Rules Framed Thereunder.
Data Protection And Privacy Including Confidentiality Agreements.
Equipment Procurement, Outsourcing And Facility Management Agreements.
Corporate Consolidation and Reorganization.
Internet And E-Commerce Issues Including Advice On B2B/ B2C Trading And Associated Contracts (Such As Software Development And License Agreements).
Online Gaming And Gambling Including Issues Relating To Virtual World/ Social Networks.
Structuring of Investment And Commercial Agreements For Joint Ventures, Business Transfer, Mergers And Acquisitions etc.

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