Environment Health & Safety

About the Law: Environmental law consists of a wide variety of legislation, enactments, and provisions that are chiefly concerned with the regulation of human activity concerning our natural environment and its various interconnected ecosystems. While everything that is encompassed in environmental law may not directly intersect with each other, they all act as safeguards in preventing environmental damage and ensuring effective management of the environment and its multiple ecosystems. Environmental law and legislation are central in protecting us humans as well as the different plants and animals in the greater ecosystem that we exist in.

Our Services:

Formulation And Implementation of Compliance Strategy And Policies.
Compliance, Risk Assessment And Auditing.
Appearances Before The Supreme Court of India, National Green Tribunal, Before State Pollution Control Boards And Other Courts/Quasi-Judicial Authorities.
Facility Management, Remote Monitoring And Routine Auditing.
Obtaining And Renewing Environmental Licenses And Approvals Under Various Environmental Laws Such As Laws And Regulation Pertaining To Air; Water; Hazardous Wastes & Chemicals; E-Waste; Pesticides, Coastal Regulations Among Others.

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