Family Disputes

About the Law: Family disputes are the disputes which may include any conflict between people who are in relation with each other in some way or a part of a family or have been part of a family in the past. It may include disputes within the families or between the families such as between couples, parents and children, adult siblings and their families, grandparents and their children’s families, blended or stepfamilies between separated couples and their families. Suit between parties to a marriage for dissolution of marriage, judicial separation, decree of nullity and restitution of conjugal rights is also included.

Our Services:

Settlement To Effect Reconciliation of The Matrimonial Disputes.
Registration of Marriages, Adoption, Guardianship, Dowry Demands, Separation, Consented And Mutual Divorce, Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Child Marriage And Child Custody.
Advisory And Consultancy Services on Divorce Laws Such As Hindu Marriage Laws, Domestic Violence, Maintenance And Welfare of Parents And Senior Citizens Act, Muslim Marriage Laws And Other Related Subjects.
Appearance Before Family Courts And All Other Related Forums.

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