Real Estate

About the Law: In India Real estate is governed and impacted by a combination of Central and State-specific laws because in accordance with Article 246 of the Constitution of India, Land is the subject matter under the State List or List-II of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India, which enlists subjects on which only States can legislate, while Transfer of Property other than agricultural land, registration of deeds and documents’ and ‘Contracts other than for agricultural lands’ are enlisted under the Concurrent List or List-III of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India, which are subjects on which both the Central Government and the States can legislate.

Our Services:
Planning And Structuring Of Real Estate Transactions And Investments.
Advisory on RERA, Development Rights, End-Use Restrictions, Approvals And Issues Across Different States.
Building By-Laws And Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Laws.
Diligence Support To Ascertain Adequacy Of Title, Ownership, Lien, Documentation And Compliance.
Advisory On Developers, Investors, Funds And Landowners On Legal And Regulatory Issues.
Appearances Before The Supreme Court, High Courts And Several Other Courts And Tribunals.

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